What are ICTs and how do I learn them?

ICTS are tools, goods, applications and services like radios, phones, televisions, computers and other devices which are used to produce, store, process, distribute and exchange information (Reddi, n.d.). These tools, by helping us do these things, allow us to be more efficient and more productive in our everyday lives. In order to learn new ICTs there are many things that can be done. Getting in and having a go is a good way to start but when you get stuck on a particular thing or want to get a gist of the basics asking someone else who is already familiar with the particular ICTS can help as well as watching tutorials about the ICTs you are trying to use.


Reddi, U. V. (n.d.). ROLE OF ICTS IN EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT: POTENTIAL, PITFALLS AND CHALLENGES. Retrieved from http://www.unesco.org/education/aladin/paldin/pdf/course01/unit_13.pdf


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