Enhancing my ICT learning experiences

When working through week 8, as suggested  in the learning journal, I am going to be evaluate my ICT uses against a list of questions, list my current uses, talk about my reasons for using ICTs in a particular and also look at refining my current ICT implementations. In my unit plan I plan to use ICTs in many different ways for many different stages of the learning in my unit as well as the assessment. I have used it to help students develop their learning in the unit. In this instance instead of doing on paper and pencil technology is replacing the old method. The same thing is happening with the assessment in this unit. By using technology the students are getting more engaged in their learning.

Gelder, S. V. (2015, January 6). Make this the Year of the RAT: level up your use of technology | LEARN Blog – learning from each other and building a community [Web log post]. Retrieved from http://blogs.learnquebec.ca/wordpress-mu/blog/2015/01/make-this-the-year-of-the-rat-level-up-your-use-of-technology/


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