Has technology changed in my lifetime?

After reading through Natasha Haeusler’s blog post (https://teachingedc3100.wordpress.com/2016/04/20/changing-technology-in-my-life-time/) about how much technology has changed it has got me to think about how much it has actually changed. For me, when I really think about technology, I don’t really feel as if that much really has changed. This may be because of the fact that I am young but I grew up with windows 95 the year after I was born and at primary school I had access to the coloured box macintosh computers. When I look at computers today change is not really noticeable. Things have gotten slightly faster but not considerably. Using the latest iMac or latest version of windows doesn’t feel all that different to me from the version I grew up with as a kid. This technology hasn’t really been brought to another level for me but just expanded and improved SLOWLY. The things you can do on them like facebook, netflix and skype are new but this to me is just stuff that has been built on top of existing technology rather than being something completely different on its own. Phones are slightly different compared to what they used to be but they are still just small improvements and upgrades on stuff we already had when I was a kid. For me this is nothing new or exciting.

Some things are different though. For example, electronic whiteboards in classrooms are new technology and something that was unheard of when I was a kid. Even iPads in the classrooms are something I wouldn’t have thought we would be able to do. The new VR games that are just now beginning to come out are new and exciting and something that is completely different from anything we had in the past as well.


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